Pavol Humaj - hard surface game artist

Hard Surface 3D Artist
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Hi! My name is Pavol Humaj and I am a freelance 3D artist located in Slovakia. I am passionate about hard-surface modeling and texturing for videogames. I contributed to projects such as Star Citizen, Operation Black Mesa, DayZ (standalone), Forza Horizon 2 and several other games and mods.

I enjoy creating weapons, vehicles and props the most. I have plentiful experience with hi-poly modelling, optimised low-poly model creation, optimised UVing, "baking" high quality normal maps and AO as well as texturing.
In order to improve my art, I constantly try out new things and techniques.
I offer fair rates and am available for off-site and in-house work opportunities. You can find my résumé here.

My primary software:
  • - 3D StudioMax 2012
  • - Adobe Photoshop CS6
  • - Zbrush
  • - Marmoset Viewer 2
Other software:
  • - SVN
  • - Office suites
  • - Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
  • - Various engines tools